Private lessons in Mösern/Seefeld

Private skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing instruction is the most intensive and efficient way to make progress. Improving style, technique and skiing pleasure.

First time ever skiing? are going to love it! We have the patience to put your anxious moments to rest and put a wide smile on your face for the whole vacation. We show you all you need to know to get going on your own, as soon as possible.

Looking to gain more confidence or more control, or maybe get over that plateau you have been at for awhile? Time to learn more advanced technique so you are free to explore the beautiful slopes of Seefeld. Whatever your learning goals are, our expertly trained, English-speaking instructors will work with you to achieve them.

Private coaching allows the highest flexibility in scheduling your time. You decide when the coaching starts and ends. According to your wishes you may use your private lessons alone or with your family and friends or alternately. We have years of ski teaching and coaching experience that will benefit you achieve the skiing you dream of.

Book now - enjoy more skiing pleasure! Best Price in Seefeld!